Sandi Attends WOW Cooperatives Gallery Inauguration

TOGOG ONLINE | Jakarta Deputy Governor, Sandiaga Uno attends the inauguration of WOW Cooperative Gallery that is held at the Cooperatives and UMKM Ministry Office, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

It also aims to synergize with the OCE OK program in the development of new entrepreneurs in the capital.

"We see the WOW Cooperative Gallery is a synergy between the central government through the Cooperatives and UMKM Ministry with Jakarta Provincial Government through the movement of OK OCE," he expressed, at the location, Wednesday (5/2).

It is hoped able to create new jobs and reduce the gap and reduce the poverty rate.

"Our duty is to ensure the people's economy progresses. So we have to open the job field as possible," he stated.

Up to now, the number of OK OCE program applicants has exceeded the number of more than 31,000 people. If you look at the number, the target of 40,000 new entrepreneurs is believed to be achieved this year.

"Not until nine months, it has hit 75 percent," he said.

People's Cooperative Welfare Lumbung Information (LIRA) Chairman, Andi Wijaya added, via this event, it is hoped the UKM actor could grow and absorb more labor. The event itself will be held for three days, precisely on May 2-4, 2018.

"The gallery contains seminars, trainings, bazaars and competitions," he said.(BeritaJakarta)

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