Satlantas Tuba Police Holds FGD About Revised UULAJ Plan

Tulangbawang Police Traffic Unit held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on issues concerning the revised plan UULAJ Public transport is not the stretch (transport Online).

FGD together legal experts from University lecturer STAI Tulangbawang M Anwar Nawawi and transportation expert Djoko Lukito Ig was agreed not to revise the law.

M Anwar Nawawi said, with the development of the era and technology at this time, especially in the field of transportation has a positive and negative impact on society. One of them is emerging problems in the field of transportation such as motorcycle taxi online.

However, his side at this time strongly disagree with the discourse to revise Law No. 22 of 2009 on Law LLAJ. Given the law, it is good enough to feel the community.

"Until now, the impact is still good enough for the general public. To revise also requires a substantial budget and, if implemented revisions, it will influence the traffic regulations others. Although today for the region Tulangbawang no transport online operation, "he said, after conducting FGD workspace Resort Police, Adj AKP Tulangbawang Augustine Rinto, Thursday (04/12/2018).

Meanwhile Transportation Expert Ig Djoko Lukito also revealed the same thing.

According to him in addition to a large cost, the government is currently intensively carry out infrastructure development.

"I strongly disagree with the revision of Law No. 22 of 2009, because until now there is no shortage despite the many developments in transportation technology," he said.

Journalist: Chandra Foetra S

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