Legal Specialist: Online Ojek Is Not Eligible to be a Public Transport Facility

Responses from community leaders and legal experts related to the Revision Plan of Law No. 22 of 2009 continue to flow. This time, Armen Yasir SH, M.Hum, Dean of Faculty of Law Unipersitas Lampung spoke.

Virus firmly declare disagreement Ojek Online (Ojol) entry into the agenda of change or revision of the Act.

"I see that it is not public transportation, public transport is KA, and BUs, which have been prepared by the Government, while Ojol must meet the requirements and requirements required for a public transportation, what should be fulfilled," he said .

If I see, Armen says, Ojol is not qualified to be a public transportation vehicle, because it has not met the requirements for the applicable provisions such as the Traffic Act.

"If we want to revise, do we have to make a total revision, it is impossible.Other preparedness must also be seen, therefore, I think in the traffic law does not include Ojol in the category of public transport vehicles," he said, when met his workplace, today.

Secondly, continued Armen, here I expect the government should indeed provide the public transportation for all parties, both central and local governments, that there is public transportation may be used by all levels of society that are not overcrowded with the current real conditions , such as the density of traffic due to too much private transport being used and the excessive amount of online freight. This condition is sometimes also disturbing in the traffic itself.

In my opinion, in the amendment of the Act, it is necessary to take firm steps that Ojol is only for delivering goods, not for public transport to the public at large.

"I urge that the revised plan does not include Online Taxes as public transports, but the government must prepare the railway or bus, so that the public does not use personal exposure, except for inter-city needs," he concluded.

Thus will reduce the density of traffic on the road. And our road facilities are not full of explosive numbers of vehicles that continue to rise.

While the Legal Expert of DR Marsanuddin SH, MH, the Rector of the University of Saburai disagreed with the discourse of the revision of LAJ Law related to the Online Ojek as the Mode of Public Transfortation.

He said that the era of industrial reform now needs to be addressed carefully, this may be the task of the executive, legislative and judicial to deal with the dynamics of the development of this rate of transfortation with the birth of the traffic law.

"Inevitably, likes not to like about this industrial revolution is very fast indeed, of course this is our PR together, so the future back again on how to use asphek we can accept," he said.

Editor: Ummi Khalsum

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