Kasat Lantas lamteng AKP Adit Priyanto Satisfied Follow the Discourse on Revision of LLAJ Law

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Transportation expert Unila Dr. Rahayu Sulistyorini, S.T, M.T, today (12/4) gave enlightenment at the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) Sat Lantas Polres Lamtim, Metro and Lamteng. In this discussion, Rahayu discussed the planned revision of Road Transport Traffic Act (UU LLAJ) on Public Transportation Not In Trajectory (Online Transport).

Rahayu Sulistyorini, said that the development of technology would cause various impacts both positive and negative. One of the negative impacts is the problem of transportation. That is related to the presence of taxi / motorcycle taxi service online today.

"According to the discourse of the revision of Law no 22 of 2009 to accommodate motorcycles as public transportation, I think it is unnecessary," he said in the Divia Cita Hall of Metro Police Headquarters on Thursday (12/04/2018), with participants FGD AKP Hendra Gunawan (AKAT Adit Priyanto, SH, S.IK (Head of Lamteng Police Station) and staff, and AKP Muhammad Kasyfi M, SH, S.IK (Head of Metro Polres Sub-district) staff.

Rahayu argued that it was not necessary because of some matters concerning this provision. Several notes related to this matter Rahayu argued that the Act no 22 of 2009 that is enough to provide guidance to the government on how to handle and manage the types of new transports both route and outside the trajectory.

"The government does not need to enter a 2-wheeled vehicle into a public transportation or transportation, although the fact that at this time many need, of course not necessarily necessarily legalized by public transport included In addition to safety issues, the legalization of two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles as public transport will making the road density condition increasingly out of control, "he said.

Therefore, Rahayu said to carry out a revision of a law of course is not easy. Because it requires deep studies and invites experts and academics.

"It certainly takes a long time," he added.

At the end of his enlightenment, the Dean of the Institute of Technology of Sumatra (ITERA) said, "What is needed now is the commitment of the communications and information ministries of the existing ministers regarding their role to participate in controlling and overseeing the application company."

Related to this regional government should also be given a role to regulate the uniqueness of online transportation problems that exist in their respective regions.

"And compulsory to obey and comply with the existing regulations, namely Law Number 22 Year 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport, Government Regulation No. 46 of 2014 on Road Transport and Regulation of the Minister of Transportation No. 32 of 2016 on the Implementation of Transport People With General Motor Vehicles not in the trajectory until the deadline given by the government, in order to avoid problems of problems related to legality as a public transportation company and provider of information technology-based applications, "said Dr. Rahayu Sulistyorini, ST., MT.

Responding to the exposure of transfortasi experts, Kasat Latur lamteng AKP Adit Priyanto, SH, S.IK who attended the Group Discussion (FGD) today together with all the staffs are satisfied.

"A lot of things are discussed here, and this discussion is very beneficial for the participants.This discussion provides valuable scientific input, a significant enlightenment to contribute to the scope of the revision of the Law on Road Traffic Law (UU LLAJ) on Public Transport Not In Trajectory (Online Transport), "said Adit.

Journalist: Chandra Foetra Setiawan / Zainal Arifin
Editor: Ummi Khalsum

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