Police Tuba Socialization Drug Dangers Through A2K Movies

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Tulang Bawang Resort Police again made a creative breakthrough by launching a short film titled A2K (I'm you) on Tuesday (27/02/2018) at around 19:30 pm at GSG Wira Satya Mapolres Tulang Bawang.

AKBP Rawanto Hadiwibowo, in his speech before the premiere of A2K short film said that the purpose of this film is to join the contest of ISFF (indonesia short film festival) 2018 as well as to socialize the danger of drugs.

"The purpose of making a short film entitled A2K is to follow the contest ISFF 2018 as well as a forum of socialization of the danger of drugs to all levels of citizens in the jurisdiction of Tulang Bawang Police because in addition to self-destructive, drugs can also damage the joints of life in in families and communities, "he said.

Kapolres explained, A2K short film 15 minutes is an action action movie directed by Eko Prabowo 3D Art in cooperation with Tulang Bawang Police which is made so that all levels of society can watch it and the meaning of the story of the film can be directly up to the audience so that he can tell anyone vividly about the dangers and effects of drugs.

Appeared in Launcing and premiere of A2K short film, Tulang Bawang Police Chief and all his main officials, Vice Regent Tulang Bawang Hendriwansyah, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, NGOs, Community Groups and hundreds of youth who became one in the event.

Journalist: Chandra Foetra S.

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