Invite Citizens for alms, Chusnunia idea deserves appreciation

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East Lampung Regent Chusnunia Chalim recently launched a social awareness program for people living below the poverty line. The program is in the form of Coins of Goodness Movement.

The program officially launched on January 4, 2018 was set forth in Circular Letter of Lamtim Regent Number 466/05/04 / UK / 2018 addressed to all officials in Lamtim District Government starting Sekdakab, Assistant, Expert Staff, Head of Organization of Region , Head of Sub-district, Head of School, all Head of Puskesmas, all Head of Village and all community in Regency that have bumei Tuah Bepadan this.

Chusnunia commands and appeals to all officials at all levels and components of society in any formal or non-formal meetings and meetings to set aside coins to be collected and subsequently donated to underprivileged citizens, thereby helping those who are economically disadvantaged .

According to Chusnunia this Policy in order to cultivate attitudes and behavior to all ranks in order to be able to sympathize with his fellow brother, but not too burdensome, because donated coins are not great value, but it will be great if all government officials from RT to compact district level every meetings both formal and informal they are busy gathering coins.

"With this kind of coin movement, I invite them to berinfaq and sodaqoh in order to help our less fortunate and dhu'afa brothers," he said.

Journalist: Herwan Toni

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