Year 2018, Chusnunia wants as a year of achievement

TogogNews | The regent of East Lampung, Chusnunia has committed to launching the year 2018 as the Year of Achievement, as stated by the Assistant for Economic Affairs and Development, Junaidi while chairing the coordination meeting of the regional apparatus organization (OPD) in preparation for the closing ceremony of Lampung Fair 2017 at the East Lampung BAPPEDA Hall, at (22/12/2017).

Described by the former Head of Revenue, Financial and Asset Management of the Region that it is intended to improve performance, and motivate the staff, as well as a form of fair competition in order to achieve achievement in work.

"So each department is called upon to improve its performance, increasing its capacity in its respective duties," said Junaidi.

Revealed in the coordination meeting, as a preliminary step to prepare for the Achievement Year 2018 East Lampung regency, through the event the top of Lampung Fair 2017 event on December 29, 2017 at East Lampung Pavilion will be awarded to the OPD, partner institutions or perorang on the results of performance during the Year 2017 .

"This is the excitement, encouragement, encouragement for each organization of regional apparatus (OPD), each State civil apparatus (ASN) to create, innovate and more spirit in the management of development in East Lampung regency in accordance with their respective duties and functions, "explained Junaidi related to the award.

Furthermore, Junaidi explained that the Achievement Year of 2018 of East Lampung Regency is a national scale achievement.

Also present at the coordination meeting, Head of BAPPEDA Lampung Timur, Puji Riyanto and Inspector of East Lampung Regency, Nurdin Sifrizal.

Journalist: Herwan Toni


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