Welcome New Year Celebrity Jakarta Party

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Welcoming Christmas and New Year a number of artists capital of the highway harvest. In addition to selling expensive, the rates are set by them is quite high.

Artists such as Zaskia Gotik singer, Rhoma Irama, Siti Badriah, Cita Citata, Rita Sugiarto still install the most expensive tariffs during the upcoming 2018 celebrations.

On New Year's Eve, beautiful artist Zaskia Gotik claimed to take a job with a fee of Rp 80 million to Rp 100 million for one gig by singing some songs.

"New Year singing in Jakarta, originally wanted at home with family, but not so because someone wants to contract finally grab a job offer as well," said Zaskia Gotik, today.

While the senior dangdut singer Rita Sugiarto and Rhoma Irama on the eve of the turn of the year will appear on one national television station in Jakarta.

"Like the New Year before, thank God for fortune at the turn of the year. That would be much more expensive than a normal day, "said Rita.

So is the artist singer Siti Badriah, no less expensive to set the tone to perform at the New Year 2018 celebration.

Rates for Siti, up to three times than usual. The same is true for Cita Citata. Cita claimed to cost around Rp 70 million once featured in the eve of the turn of the year. (R)

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