Thousands of plainclothes police will be deployed during Christmas and New Year

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Thousands of plainclothes police will be deployed to secure the Christmas and New Year holidays 2018. Later, the detectives will be placed in crowded places and houses of worship in the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya.

"The total of all 21,000 (personnel) consists of Polres, Polsek, but special detective 6000 people," said Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Idham Azis after leading apples in Monas, Tuesday (19/12) night.

Idham added, later the plainclothes police will be focused on residents, houses of worship, tourist attractions, and shopping centers. The goal, so that people feel safe when celebrating Christmas and New Year 2018.

"I have to ensure the readiness of Polda Metro Jaya police detectives to carry out their duties properly and correctly to convince the people of Jakarta to go out on holiday in Jakarta remains safe," he said.

According to Idham, it is the duty of the Police to provide a sense of security for Indonesian citizens. For that he hopes the members totality in doing security.

"In the face of Christmas and New Year's celebration, Jakarta must be safe," said Idham. "There is no other word than Jakarta is safe, I say back (Jakarta's security) on your shoulders throughout the Polda Metro Jaya.

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