Sitti Badriah Need the Old Man in Bombana

H Tafdil really gave a special and festive offer on Bombana's 14th anniversary this year. The newly inaugurated regent of 22 August 2017 gave a tremendous impression on the night of the 14th anniversary of Bombana's 14th anniversary, at Poleang, on December 18th.

Artist of the famous capital, Sitti Badriah confirmed will be present rocking tonight at the Field Boepinang. Dangdut singers with hist "Berondong Tua" is certainly present entertaining community Bombana, 18 October.

"Yes, we have confirmed that Sitti Badriah will be present," I Doni Gufra, Leasing Officer (LO) arrival artist at Bombana Anniversary this year.

He said it would be a special offer of this year's Bombana Anniversary.

While the evening, said Gufro, as a warm-up will be presented several talent search event dumps such as Ruri KDI, KDI Dance, Maya KDI, and Elin KDI. "I'm sure, they will not lose the stunning," he said.

Earlier, on the opening night of December 10th, Lesti D'Academy was also presented. The arrival of this artist from the beginning is very much awaited by his fans in Bombana. That night, Lesti conjured the stage arena into a sea of ​​people.

Field, the location of the exhibition and the night market, traffic on the highway was spontaneous to a standstill. The small town of Boepinang looks really crowded that night. He performed just one hour by bringing six songs.

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