Press Assembly: Arrest Journalists Reuters in Myanmar can not be justified

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The association of professional journalists' organizations, the Press Assembly in Indonesia, expressly denounced Myanmar's actions on the arrest of two Reuters journalists named Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe without a confirmation to the media.

This was conveyed by the Secretary General of the Press Council, Ozzy Sulaiman, who said that any arrest of journalists or journalists engaged in journalistic duties is not justified.

"On behalf of the world's journalistic sovereignty, the arrest is a big mistake indicated as information confinement and restrictions on press workers, we expect both to be released immediately," Ozzy said today (17/12) in Jakarta.

According to him, Myanmar is currently facing the chaos of the country after the breakup of the tragedy of ethnic violence of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine.

Although denied by their leaders, however, the efforts to close information and arrest journalists, as well as justify what they do so far, mainly related to the violence and massacre there.

"Journalists are in charge of delivering truth data and information to the public. In particular, Reuters is currently the parameter of news around the
Arrest is a violation of existing consequences, " he said.

Secretary General of the Press Assembly also said that the journalist professional organization in Indonesia currently supports the release of the two Reuters journalists who were arrested without any confirmation and notification to the media itself so that the two journalists concerned disappeared earlier.

"Should, arrest and detention be confirmed to the media concerned in order to be followed up, not unilaterally without prior notice," added Ozzy.

As previously released, the Reuters news agency reported that the two journalists who were previously reported missing were apparently arrested by Myanmar's military and imposed a law on state secrecy with the threat of 14 years in prison.

The two journalists worked at Reuters to cover a crisis affecting 655,000 Rohingya Muslims. They fled from the violent military massacre of the militants in the country of Rakhine.

Local authorities through Myanmar's Information Ministry said the two journalists had illegally obtained information with the intention of distributing foreign media and broadcasting a photo, both of which were handcuffed, as released via Reuters. (Rls / R-07)

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