Monas began to be flooded with thousands of Muslims

Togog.Online | 
Thousands of Muslims who joined in the 2 December action alumni (alumni 212) began gathering in the National Monument (Monas), Saturday (2/12).

They come from various parts of the country to attend various religious activities in the series commemorating the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In addition, this activity also became a reunion of Akbar Alumni 212.

From Monas reported, Muslims have come to be listening to tausiah tusiahah delivered one of the scholars.

"Not a few think that if a lot of people get together like this will cause violence, or chaos, they do not know if we are here to worship," said the cleric through the loudspeaker.

He then shouted takbir, which was followed by all the audience with Allahu Akbar shouts three times.

212 alumni reunion has started since 03.00 pm. Masses from various regions are also rumored to be following the event. The event is planned to finish after Zuhur prayer, at 12:30 pm.


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