Laznas Chevron cares for street children

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National Institute of Amil Zakat (Lasnaz) in cooperation with the Alternative School for Street Children (SAAJA) successfully held a mass circumcision event, on Saturday (16/12).

The event was held since at 09.00 am, followed by 22 children who want to circumcise.

For the success of this event, Chairman of Param Foundation lutfan lutfi claimed to be grateful to facilitate such social activities for the benefit of the ummah.

"I say many thanks to the committee who initially loose to carry out this activity, because we really Zero Budget," he said.

But, continued Lutfi, alhamdulillah we are trusted by Cevron to carry out this circumcision activities. Currently, alhamdulillah there are about 22 children who believe in us to circumcise.

"May bring benefits to others," he said, with happiness.

While Director Laznas Chevron, Denies Syahruddin who also attended this event claimed to be happy to contribute with the event mass circumcision. At least can help each other and share for the less fortunate.

According to him, the event held yesterday was a form of care Laznas cevron as an amil zakat institution of cevron employees.

"Laznas cevron is an institution established cevron employees, all the funds are sourced from zakat funds cevron Muslim employees," he explained.

So, Denies added, we are the ones who collect the funds from the wage deduction given by the employee by the employee to distribute in accordance with the rules.

"And alhamdulillah today we can cooperate with SAAJA Hopefully the future will go smoothly and most importantly hopefully this is also useful to who donate funds," he concluded. (Hadi)

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