KN Overview Tanjung Datu Bakamla RI

In maximizing the main task of Bakamla RI which is to conduct security patrols and marine safety, Bakamla RI produces the largest patrol currently owned by the size of 110 meters.

In accordance with the stages of the manufacturing process, Bakamla RI and PT. Palindo Marine Shipyard jointly carries out monitoring and observation of muti management on the construction of the 110-meter vessel. The most decisive thing is the result of a series of test vessels held at the shipyard of PT. Palindo Marine Shipyard, Batam, Saturday (23/12/2017).

There are several things that become a benchmark in the quality assurance of a ship, including the use of materials, equipment, and ship equipment in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard or even international standard.

In addition, the process of installation of equipment and ship equipment must also be done by competent personnel so that the ship built meets the standards set by Bakamla RI.

Implementation of monitoring and observation itself through several stages, namely the stage of development and testing of ships. The stage of shipbuilding has been completed very well, marked by launching the ship where the first time the ship was floated in the water.

The ship testing phase is carried out in three stages. The first is the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT / Factory Maintenance Trial) test carried out by the shipyard in order to test all equipment and readiness of the ship after completion of construction. The second stage is Harbor Accepted Test (HAT) test, is the implementation of function test of all ship basic equipment including safety equipment and ship equipment incorporated in technical condition and material feasibility in performing function of safety ability, buoyancy ability, screen and functionality capabilities. The final stage is the implementation of Sea Accepted Test (SAT) test, which is the peak testing involves testing the overall HAT material in the sea by adding the ship's motion / maneuvering material.

The implementation of HAT and SAT test on a 110-meter vessel using the services of the Navy Worthiness Service (Dislaikmatal) with the consideration of the function of a 110-meter vessel is to conduct security and safety patrols at sea.

The implementation of HAT and SAT test was attended and supervised by several officials of Bakamla RI including Head of Bureau and Infrastructure Facilities of Laksma TNI Tugas Eko, Expert Staff of Operation Laksda TNI (Ret) Busran Kadri, Submarine Operation Head of Sea Colonel (P) Imam hidayat, and Team Ujang Rusmana, S.Si. In addition, there is also a Team of Ship Ability Test from Dislaikmatal led by Lieutenant Colonel (T) Hilman.

Furthermore, the 110-meter vessel will enter the stage of installation of weapons and special equipment.

Selection of name KN. Tanjung Datu is a representation of duties carried by Bakamla RI which also reach outer islands in Indonesia. As is known, Tanjung Datu is Indonesia's border area with Malaysia. In the area of ​​protected forest slopes of Mount Datu there is a light tower as high as 43 meters, which also signifies the boundary of the territory of NKRI.

With all the power and effort, Bakamla RI will struggle to secure the oceans of the archipelago. Raksamahiva Camudresu Nusantarasya - We Guard Ocean of the Archipelago.

(Humas Bakamla / Hadi)

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