Kerang Mas beach visitors increased

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Kerang Mas beach in Muara Gading Mas Village, Labuhan Maringgai District, East Lampung. on Monday (25/12/2017) visited by crowds of people who come with the family.

Ahmadsyah from Negeri Agung Village, Gunung Pelindung Sub-District Said, he visited Pantai Kerang Mas with his wife accompanied by his son and his family.

"I came here with my wife and children and family entourage," he explained, when talking to the media crew (25/12/2017).

He claimed to come to the beach because interested in the beach atmosphere.

"I and my family are interested in the beach atmosphere," he said.

According to him, since hearing the news from friends and neighbors of opening beach tour of Kerang Mas, he and his family immediately chose to come to this beach to enjoy the long Nataru vacation this year.

"Usually if you want to go to the beach to Kalianda south Lampung, but now come here, do not go all the way there," he explained with Cheers.

He assessed the various tourism support facilities already built by the government of East Lampung District through East Lampung Tourism Office in collaboration with the village government of Muara Gadingmas and the local PMD Office.

"Various facilities have been built by the Government of East Lampung district through the tourism office in cooperation with the government of Muara Gading mas village and local PMD Office, of course this is very good," he added.

Journalist: Herwan Toni

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