Kalla Foundation gives the help of sound systems for the mosque

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Kalla Group through Kalla Foundation has handed over and directly installed three sets of sound system aid for three mosques in Sukamaju Village.

This is done by Kalla Foundation as a proof of his concern for the mosque, through the Program Maintenance Sound Systems 1000 Mosque "Free" in South Sulawesi.

While from Kalla Makassar Engineer Haidar Al Idrus with Muhlis handed three sets of Sound Systems for each Mosque Yasmin Kello Dusun Banoa, Mosque Darul Muttaqin Batulohe and Mosque Nurul Mu'minin Malleko Dusun Banoa, Tuesday (26/12/2017).

According to Haidar that, "the purpose of providing these sound systems as a form of attention of Kalla Foundation to some mosques which we consider worthy to be assisted".

He mentioned, the aid of sound systems is the flagship program of Kalla Foundation to create the comfort of pilgrims in running the worship in the mosque.

Meanwhile, the board of Yasmin Sukamaju Mosque Abdul Halim Amsur expressed his gratitude as much as possible to the Kalla Foundation for all the assistance that has been submitted.

"We say thank you very much for this assistance, as well as the greatest apologies if in our service there are things that are less pleasing, we also represent sorry from the mosque who has submitted his help in this Sukamaju Village," he said.

This is a pride for us, he added, even though we are in remote areas, but Alhamdulillah can also be reached by such assistance (Sound Systems). And let's be honest that this is what we need so much, "Abdul Halim Amsur said. (Ummi)

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