KAHMI: Trump has no World Peace Vision

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Presidium of the National Assembly of the HMI Alumni Corps (KAHMI), Ahmad Doli Kurnia said that as a Muslim ummah it strongly condemns the plan that will be done by Donald Trump against the City of Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Trump's action, affirming that his leadership has absolutely no vision of the common progress of the world community based on peace, harmonious life, and mutual respect.

"In fact, it can be indicated as a diversion of issues from the inability of its leadership to manage domestic issues that are becoming increasingly escalative," he said in his statement, Jakarta, Saturday (9/12/2017).

Nevertheless, continued Doli, Muslims also do not rush hooked on provocation that Trump is done. People should pay close attention to the day-to-day development of what is happening in Palestine.

"It is true that Jerusalem is the" red line "or the limit of our patience as the world's Muslim ummah against the terror done by the West so far, but Muslims should not be trapped into the initiators of the start of the war.We should be able to arrive at the right moment and reason to fight physical, "he explained.

Therefore, in the context of Indonesia, according to Doli, the people need to fully support the plan that will be done by President Jokowi to pursue diplomacy by lobbying the OIC countries that will meet the next few days.

He added that Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world must share the responsibility of maintaining world peace, ensuring no sovereign rights of the country is disturbed, and no human beings are deprived of their rights, let alone Muslims in the world.

"Of course we hope, the government of Indonesia has a strong position bargaining and able to portray his foreign diplomacy expertise on America for Palestine," he concluded.

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