GNPF Ulema Ready to Send Volunteers to Palestine

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Deputy Chairman of the National Movement of Islamic Fatwa Guard, Zaitun Rasmin expressed readiness to send volunteers to Palestine to help the Palestinians gain their independence.

The assertion was delivered by Zaitun Rasmin when speaking on the stage of the Palestinian protest at the Monument National Monument (Monas), Central Jakarta, Sunday (17/12/2017).

"We ask the government to send TNI and Police because they are the people's army," he said, which was greeted by takbir of action participants.

In front of the Muslim sea in attendance, Zaitun asserted Indonesia has many youth knots which he said ready to send volunteers to Palestine. Olive mentioned the youth knot is Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia and Praja Muda Kalana aka Scout.

"If not enough, then we are all ready to become mujahidin and mujahidah and here there are many groups ready to send mujahidin. There is Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, there is Scout. These are the knots of the youth who are ready to dispatch to it, "he asserted.

Earlier, during a speech at the OIC Specialist Summit forum in Istanbul, President Jokowi stressed that Indonesia's support for the Palestinian struggle would not recede, would even increase.

"Indonesia will accompany the Palestinians in the struggle," said President Jokowi according to the Press Bureau of the Presidential Palace, Wednesday (13/12/2017).

President Jokowi said the support is not only in the form of political support, but Indonesia will continue to increase support for capacity building and support to the Palestinian economy.

In terms of foreign policy, the President also affirmed the Palestinian position at the heart of Indonesian foreign policy.

"In every breath of diplomacy in Indonesia, there are alignments against the Palestinians," said the President.

President Jokowi also conveyed six important points of the proposed attitude of OIC member states.

"Firstly, the OIC must expressly reject the unilateral recognition. Two-state solution is the only solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, "said the President.

Secondly, the President invites all countries that have the Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, not to follow the decision of the United States to move their embassy to Jerusalem.

"Thirdly, the OIC can serve as a motor to mobilize state support that has not yet recognized Palestinian independence, to do it immediately," said President Jokowi.

Fourth, for OIC member countries that have relations with Israel to take diplomatic steps.

"Including the possibility of reviewing relations with Israel in accordance with various OIC Resolutions," said the President.

"Fifth, OIC members should take steps together to increase humanitarian aid, capacity building and economic cooperation to the Palestinians," said the President.

Sixth, the President hopes the OIC should be able to become a motor for the movement in various international and multilateral forums to support the Palestinians, including the Security Council and the UN General Assembly. (R)

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