Demonstration protests at the mosque Assakinah Surabaya continued

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A number of new projects to be built in the area of ​​Youth Hall including illegal buildings, because to build a building in the city of Surabaya this must get permission from the Building Assistance Team and Building (TABG). Moreover, to build a building in the area of ​​Youth Hall that has been designated as a Cultural Heritage, TABG will not be rash about issuing permission for the construction of new buildings in this area.

Currently TABG consists of 5 independent experts, each Ir. Hasan Siregar, Ir. Hari Sunarko, Ir. M.I. Aditjipto, Ir. Mudji Irmawan and Ir. Gatot Budi Riyanto.

One of the five team members assured that TABG has never issued a Recommendation for buildings that have been or will be built in Balai Pemuda area.

Youth and the Area of ​​1.7 hectares is designated as a Cultural Heritage based on SK Mendikbud No PM.23 / PW.007 / MKP / 2007.

To establish a building in the Youth Hall is not only must get Recommendation from TABG only, but also from Mendikbud who issued SK.

"It needs to be closely examined that the building does not have an IMB or Building Permit, because to obtain IMB, there must be a recommendation from TABG, although it belongs to the Municipal Government, it must have IMB although it will not pay the levy but must have IMB" Said the TABG member, today.

Balai Pemuda complex has a land area of ​​1.7 Ha, Entirely included in the area of ​​Cultural Heritage that must be protected.

In the past two years, the Project has been built in the Balai Pemuda area as a project that should be audited financially. Due to the project itself proposed by the Chairman of the House of Representatives of Surabaya is basement 1 that has been completed worth Rp 20 billion last year and Basement 2 has also been completed with the same value, Rp 20 billion. Both projects worth Rp 40 billion Total, the same implementing contractor is PT Cipta Karya Multi Tehnik.

Currently being prepared two bigger projects on the land of Youth Hall area, namely New Building of DPRD Type B worth Rp 60 billion which won by PT Tiara Multi Teknik and Building Type A building worth Rp 30 billion won by PT Cipta Karya Multi Teknik .

A contractor of Surabaya Municipal Government contractor said the project auction conducted by the Office of Housing and People's Settlement Cipta Karya Surabaya is Abal - Abal Auction. Because that won the Tender Yes of the Contractor - that too, Yang is close to the Chairman of the Surabaya City House of Representatives.

"It seems that the auction is open online, but yes it is regulated according to the wishes of Dinas Cipta Karya. It seems that Cipta Karya is under pressure from the Chairman of the Surabaya City House of Representatives, "said the contractor.

In order to realize the non-essential projects for the people of Surabaya, the Cipta Karya office has rashly dismantled the Assakinah Mosque and will evict the Office of Two Arts Organizations that have been in the Youth Hall since 1970. Meanwhile, the Surabaya City Council Building itself includes the New Building which was inaugurated in July 1997. (rls / syam)

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