Anies Became Superintendent of State Defense at Monas

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The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, became the inspector of the 69th State of Belgian Ceremony held by the Ministry of Defense in Monas Square, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/12)

Anies who read the remarks of President Joko Widodo said, this moment reminds all that the independence and upholding of the Republic of Indonesia is achieved through the struggle of the universe.

Anies explained, the universal struggle meant that all groups were involved in the defense of the state. Not only before and after the proclamation, the struggle to liberate the nation has been done since hundreds of years before.

"Defending the country is not only defined as a physical struggle, not just a security and defense activity, but defending the country is perceived in all aspects," he added.

According to Anies, the current challenge is to alleviate poverty, inequality, create justice and be part of the world. Therefore, the memorial of the state is a good opportunity to realize what needs to be done for the nation and state of Indonesia.

"For young people can struggle with the move, create new works to make the country more advanced, more prosperous," he said.

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