2 Journalists harassed, Akrindo: The perpetrators must be punished

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Two Tangsel journalists who want to do Journalistic tasks to confirm to Kelurahan Pondok Kacang Timur Tangerang Selatan City on Wednesday, November 30, 2017 then received an unpleasant treatment. In addition to harassment, as well as violence.

On the incident, Chairman of the Association Online Kabar Indonesia (Akrindo), Drs. Maripin Munthe strongly denounced the actions of the Village Staff who very grabbed Arogan by dragging the neck of the Dradioqu.com journalist into the village square in public and inviting him to fight duel.

According to Munthe, what is done by the Village Staff Personnel is very far from the Ethics and Admittedly questioned his Human Resources for his recruitment as Village staff.

"The Village Staff is like a Preman, Indonesia is a Law Country. If you do not want to be controlled by Media, Institution, and also Society, Do not be a Staff in Government," said Drs. Maripin Munthe growled.

Action Person of Village Staff, Continue Munthe, Must be followed up to Legal Process applicable in Indonesia.

"The Chief Editor or his Lawyer must report the inappropriate incident to the Police Department, in order to get the Deterrent Effects.However, the Journalistic Profession is a Professional Profession that puts Intellectual and Ethics in the first place so it does not happen again to other Journalists who want to find Materials for news , "Firmly Ketum AKRINDO.

Referring to Law Number 40 Year 1999 concerning the Press, Article 18 Paragraph (1) and Article 4 Paragraph (12) which states, "Any person who unlawfully intends to take actions which result in hindering or obstructing the implementation of the National Press duty shall be criminal with imprisonment of 2 (two) years or a fine of not more than Rp 500,000,000 (Five Hundred Million Rupiahs).

Drs. Maripin Munthe added that the journalist is also an Indonesian citizen who has a Constitutional Right to get Legal Protection. If you do not want to be in Control, then do not sit as a Staff in Government.

"Journalist is a Social Control for Government Performance, If the Government does not want to Control, Indonesia want to be what ?, Where Marwah Democracy ?," Similarly Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Online News. (Syam / HD)

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