Umuh: If there is no me, Persib want to be taken where?

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In the event of League 1 2017, other than Persib Bandung continuously sanctioned, the manager H. Umuh Muchtar get punishment insistently. Umuh fined Rp 20 million in Madura United contra game, then a fine of Rp 50 million and vacuum sanctions for 6 months in the Indonesian football scene over the incidents while opponents Persija Jakarta.

Given that reality, Umuh will appeal to seek and obtain justice.

"I have prepared the signature stay letter, I am sure Mr. Edy (Rahmayadi) does not yet know the sanctions imposed, Mr. Edy is fair and wise, very firmly I always boast about him," he told reporters at his residence in Kiaracondong area on Thursday (9 / 11/2017).

In a situation like this, Umuh claimed not to think about it too much. He believes bobotoh supports him.

"Why let people know, let the audience know, let the whole of Indonesia know when you see Persib Persi incident Persija.It does not have to emotion, if I do not have, Persib will be taken to where," he said.

Umuh believes people can judge who is right and wrong in this case. Because Persib not do WO and referee actions that blow the long whistle without any warning.

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