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The Setara Institute recently made a report regarding mosques located in residential and campus locations considered to be a hotbed of radicalism and intolerance. This is based on their research on hundreds of mosques in Depok and Bogor throughout August to October.

Researcher Setara Institute Sudarto claimed he followed almost every pengajian in the mosque located in Depok area, especially the mosque located within the University of Indonesia (UI) and Hidayatullah High School of Economics.

Based on his research, there are 529 mosques and 927 musala in Depok. The number consists of government or state-owned mosques, individual donation mosques, public mosques in housing and campus mosques.

The University of Indonesia mosque itself gave a response related to the Setara Institute's research results by making a statement that the press release received a moment ago editorial.

The following is the official statement of Masjid Ukhuwah Islamiyah Universitas Indonesia which was signed by the Chairman of the Mosque Board Ukhuwah Islamiyah, University of Indonesia, Abdul Mutaali, MA., M.I.P., Ph.D and Head of Public Relations and KIP UI. Rifelly Dewi Astuti, SE, MM.

Response Board of Moslem Ukhuwah Islamiyah University of Indonesia (Masjid UI) related news reporting released by Setara Institute:

Masjid UI is Campus Mosque which is organically integrated with Universitas Indonesia so that its vision and mission refer to UI vision and mission.
The religious understanding of Masjid UI is based on the understanding of Ahlus Sunnah wal jama'ah in Pancasila corridor, 1945 Constitution, NKRI and Unity in Diversity.
All activities and studies at Masjid UI refer to 5 (five) basic values ??of Masjid UI, that is:

        Tafahum (comprehensive Islamic understanding harmonizes Islam and Indonesianism)
        Tawazun (the balance between materialism and spiritualism)
        Tawasuth (moderate)
        Takamul (universal and holistic)
        Tasamuh (mutual respect for differences).

Responding to the news related to the research result of Setara Institute which we got first from CNN Indonesia, We are the administrator of UI Mosque has never been interviewed nor asked opinion by CNN Indonesia related to the report of the research result.

Furthermore, the UI Mosque Board considers it necessary to request further explanation of the research from Setara Institute. For that we invite Setara Institute to present the results of the research academically, intact, and open.

The UI Mosque Board accepted as input and evaluation considering constructive input can make campus mosque which is proud not only national level but also International level.

That is the response we can convey. Thank you for your attention.

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