Today, Kahiyang and Bobby Siraman Of Seven Wells

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Today, the daughter of President Joko Widodo, Kahiyang Ayu and Muhammmad Bobby Afif Nasution will undergo several wedding processions, namely spray at Jokowi's residence.

According to Javanese customs, water is used to spray from seven sources of water. For custom siraman, activity begins by preparing spray water that comes from 7 sources into Gentong.

Spray water sources are usually taken from the house besan, home of the elderly, and traditional house which is then stirred with a mixture of flowers.

Events bride bride is a symbol to clean the soul of the bride and groom. Siraman was held the day before the consent ceremony at the home of the bride. In the older adat, the event was held in the open house, can also be in the backyard or front of the house.

Parties who start spraying done by the parents of the prospective bride, forwarded by the parents, also by the makeup artist with a total of up to seven people.

Referring to the cultural custom, the event was done by the parents sirah Kahiyang Ayu, namely President Jokowi, and Mrs. Iriana. For the groom, if done, also their parents, followed by other relatives, and makeup artist.

Kahiyang Ayu wedding ceremony with the man of his choice, Muhammad Bobby Afif Nasution, otherwise ready to be held tomorrow, Wednesday (8/11/2017) at Graha Saba Buana Building, Sumber, Solo. About eight thousand invited guests will attend.

Before going to the wedding, the bride and groom will undergo some procession that is thick with Javanese customs.

After pengajian, the procession followed by the installation of blaketepe or woven coconut leaves by Jokowi assisted Iriana on Tuesday (7/11/2017). After that proceed with splash.

Kahiyang Ayu as a prospective bride will undergo a procession of spray at Jokowi's residence. (R)

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