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Monas Square witnessed the enthusiasm of thousands of pilgrims to follow tausiyah nationality commemorate the day of hero with Habib Maulana Luthfi bin Yahya held by Jakarta Provincial Government on Sunday (26/11) night.

The moment became special because over the past few years, the field has never been used as a place for cultural and artistic activities.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Rasyid Baswedan even mentioned this moment that awaited the citizens of Jakarta.

"A long awaited evening, desirable for years and thank God tonight monas was opened for tausiyah nationality," explained Anies in her speech in front of thousands of pilgrims who packed the Monas field.

According to Anies, activities such as the national carnival in the morning and tausiyah at night is an early function of Monas. Anies also explained the brief history of Monas which has been a gathering place for citizens since the colonial era.

"Formerly this field is called Medan Merdeka Square, the place where the first grand meeting in this republic was held," said Anies.

To that end, Anies will also open Monas for the place of activity with the regulated use and licensing.

"It used to be a field of people, now we return it to the people, this place becomes the center of the activities of citizens, and God willing we will continue to use this field," he added.

Regarding tausiyah nationality that coincides with the mawlid of the Prophet and the day of heroes, Anies delivered many messages about the exemplary attitude of the Prophet Muhammad and the sacrifice of the heroes to liberate the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Meanwhile, tausiyah delivered by Habib Lutfi also discuss about the example of Rasulullah SAW and his services to introduce man to Allah and Islam. (R)

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