This is Kahiyang's Expression of Love to Bobby

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Like Romeo and Juliet, Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution's romance stories are full of stories. Starting from the struggle Bobby get the heart of the daughter of President of the Republic of Indonesia, until the procession of application.

Their whole story is revealed in the video that Kaesang Pangarep uploaded to their YouTube account. In the video titled 'QnA: Me, Mas Bobby and Mbak Ayang', Bobby was questioned by the youngest son of President Jokowi.

Revealed, it turns out Bobby is not a romantic figure. When Bobby was asked about what was brought when applying Kahiyang to Jokowi, it was Kahiyang's own mother, Iriana Jokowi who tapped. "Do not bring anything," said Iriana who suddenly appeared wearing a pink dress.

"Mother said do not take anything. Talk at the airport again. "Blas ora romantis," said Kahiyang.

Kahiyang who did not hesitate to reveal the reason for falling in love with Bobby. According to him, the prospective husband is scented and salute will Bobby struggle when approached.

"If it smells, yes. He is yes, the first time I like, chase me, "said Kahiyang.

But, admitted Bobby disagreed. He said if Kahiyang is often jealous if he is close to other girls.

"It used to be a group that you were asking to continue teaching. Time to Dufan together, crowded, one class, he's jealous, "said Bobby.

As is known, Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby's wedding will be held on November 8, 2017 at Graha Sabha Buana Building, Solo.

In marriage will later use the customs of Java and South Tapanuli, in accordance with the cultural origin of each bride.

"So Bobby is South Tapanuli's son, so we use Javanese custom and South Tapanuli custom," explained Kahiyang.(R)

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