There is allegedly another motive behind the infrastructure project

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One member of the House of Representatives Ferry Juliantono stated that the rise of infrastructure was also offset by the decline of manpower in the construction sector.

Supposedly when the building occurs the absorption of labor is there, but not so.

"Please check the data. Yesterday I was asked for his response about foreign workers. My response seems to be no longer in accordance with supply and demand, "said Ferry Juliantono, not long ago in Jakarta.

In fact, according to him from infrastructure development there are other motifs. "Because I see there are other motives that need to be criticized that when we do not need foreign workers, why there is a Chinese government that then still want to use labor, in my opinion, the cost is more expensive," he explained.

He gives an example if you want to invest abroad, but instead that brought there labor from here (Indonesia). That he thought would cost money.

"Suppose I want to build an investment in Vietnam. I use Vietnam labor is definitely cheaper. Why did I bring his workforce from Wonosobo then I sent it to Vietnam for three times more but I did. I think there is another spectrum that we should discuss here related to infrastructure, "he concluded. (R)

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