The government is asked to finish the KBB terrorist in Papua

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Member of the House of Representatives Commission I Sukamta declare hostage of civilians and attacks on the security apparatus lately is classified as acts of terrorism, not the usual criminal.

They are taking hostages of civilians that result in fear. So that this country must be immediately present in the terrorist crush so that no casualties anymore.

"In addition they also attacked the security apparatus. This is clearly an act against the state. TNI must maximize the terrorist's crackdown quickly and accurately. Do not fall victim to civilians again, "said Sukamta through a release received Parlementaria, Friday (17/11/2017).

This MCC politician also urged the government to firmly raise the status of the perpetrators of these crimes as terrorists. Looking at the government's swift and responsive response to some recent cases that are considered to threaten the security and even defense of the country.

"So the government must also be consistent here to crack down on these terrorists in Papua who have very clearly shown resistance to the state symbol of the security apparatus. Moreover, this also concerns the lives of thousands of civilians, "he said.

This has been stipulated in Article 6 of the Terrorism Criminal Act which states that anyone who deliberately uses violence or the threat of violence creates an atmosphere of terror or fear of a widespread or massive victim by depriving the independence or loss of life and property of another person, or result in damage or destruction of strategic or environmental vital objects or public facilities or international facilities, shall be subject to capital punishment or life imprisonment or imprisonment of a minimum of 4 (four) years and a maximum of 20 (twenty years.

He wants the terrorist crime case in Papua not to expand to other regions. This should be resolved in order not to drag on the issue.

"Do not let the crime of terrorism in Papua is growing and impacting more broadly, therefore must be crushed as quickly as possible to the roots," lid Sukamta.


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