Senator of Aceh Give Congratulations to the Chairman of IKAMAPA Selected

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The Association of Great Families of Post-Graduate Students of Aceh Bogor (IKAMAPA), recently held a Great Deliberation (DUEK PAKAT) in order to elect its new chair, on Saturday (11/11/2017).

Duek Pakat Postgraduate Graduates of Aceh who are in the overseas get direct appreciation from Senator Aceh H. Sudirman or more familiarly called by the people of Aceh Haji Uma.

Hirm Uma congratulated Haji Uma on the implementation of the procession "Duek Pakat" which runs successfully. Haji Uma also congratulated Zahrial Shah Alam who was elected chairman of IKAMAPA for the coming period.

"I am in the capacity as an Aceh senator to congratulate Zahrial's brother for the trust and trust given by my friends in the future," said Haji Uma, today.

Haji Uma hopes that with the election of a new chairman, the existence of IKAMAPA which is one of the associations of intellectuals outside of Aceh can contribute significantly in improving the quality of human resources and various inputs in order to guard the Aceh development process towards the more advanced of all sectors.

Furthermore Haji Uma also conveyed messages to all Aceh Students who in Bogor always maintain the good name of Aceh in the eyes of the National and can introduce Acehnese culture to all circles.

According to Haji Uma this is very necessary to be done as one unity step in efforts to advance Aceh forward. Hopefully, the future will be many born Aceh generation who are ready to compete in the global market competition.

Reporter: M Ichsan
Editor: Hadi's

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