Satgas Indobatt-03 Assist Rice and Al Quran in Sudan's Wailu Village

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TNI soldiers who are members of the TNI Konga XXXV-C / Unamid (United Nations Mission In Darfur) or Indobatt-03 Composite Battalion Unit under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Infomedia Syamsul Alam, S.E. as Dansatgas provides humanitarian assistance to the local community of Wailu village and surrounding areas.

The assistance provided by the TNI Konga XXXV-C / Unamid Satgas Composite Battalion personnel is indispensable to build a sense of fraternity and togetherness that is CIMIC (Civil Militery Coordination) in the regional peace missions, especially Western Africa, El Geneina, Sudan, Africa, on the day Sunday (12/11/2017).

The activities carried out by the TNI Konga XXXV-C / Unamid Composite Battalion Complex during that day were well received by local community leaders such as Sheikh Adam Ismail, Sheikh Hasan Sa'bun Attahir, Sheikh Qomaruddin Ishaq and the religious leaders and the surrounding community.

Wailu area consists of 11 villages including Diresasaya village, Chir-Chir, Junub, Chir Shimal, Vakumiah, Sa'atah, Birkilap, Neimah, Maslimah, Hashabah and Sadio.

In addition, the area also has Madrasah Ibtidaiyah with the number of students as much as 147 students who are also in need of help Al-Quran and those areas are also occupied many people who are less able, need all forms of humanitarian assistance.

Captain Mar Abdul Rahman Salih as the chief organizer representing Commander of Satgas Indobatt-03 stated that this activity is a tangible manifestation of the participation of Indobatt-03 soldiers, mutual empathy to fellow human beings wherever they may be.

"It is also a family for us here, where there is no difference we feel, other than that for our main purpose, which is to tighten the cord brotherhood and friendship," he said.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Adam Ismail one of the community leaders expressed his gratitude for all the help given to the community.

"We all expect this activity as a form of brotherhood and form of friendship from the people of Sudan to Satgas Indobatt-03," he said.

The event was then followed by the provision of 100 bags of rice, one bag containing 12.5 liters of rice and 100 pieces of the great Quran to local people who really need it and social activities are not enough to get here but will continue at the next stage in the coming months.


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