Satgas Food Staggering Price Stability ahead of Christmas and New Year

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The Food Police Task Force of the Republic of Indonesia has drafted a number of plans to oversee food prices in the Christmas and New Year periods.

Head of Food Satgas Inspector General of Police Setyo Wasisto said the increase of food demand towards the end of the year occurred since entering December every year. Therefore, it will start focusing on monitoring from distribution to the availability of food in the region.

Wasisto explained there are some areas that become the focus of supervision ahead of Christmas and New Year, among others are East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, North Sulawesi, Maluku, and North Sumatra.

Intensive monitoring will take place from 1 December 2017 to 10 January 2018.

"Increasing community activity on Christmas and New Year is predicted to increase food demand," Setyo said at the Trade Ministry office here on Thursday (2/11).

He added that his side made a number of approaches to maintain food stabilization. One of them by doing prevention efforts through education.

The move, he added, is crucial before any indication of a fraudulent act is committed. "The last repressive effort by enforcing the law," he said.

As is known, the Food Satgas was formed after coordination between the Police of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, and Bulog before Ramadhan and Lebaran 2017.

National Police chief Tito Karnavian insisted the task of the task force was to oversee the distribution of food.

This is done because there is still a lot of speculators and cartels are found that often make up prices especially enter religious festivities.

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