Muhammadiyah and the Digital Jihad Challenge


Dakwah Muhammadiyah always carries the mission of tajdid or renewal. The meaning of renewal is to harmonize the teachings of religion in accordance with the development and the changing times. When organizing the 47th congress in Makassar, August 3-7, 2015, Muhammadiyah proclaimed the spirit of economic jihad. Economic jihad leads to economic independence in order to improve the welfare of the ummah.

Earlier, in the era of Din Syamsuddin, in a century conference, Muhammadiyah inflame the jihad of the constitution considering the number of laws that are not pro people. It completes another jihad that was more successful in the field of education and health.

Now, while perfecting the economic jihad, there is another jihad that is no less urgent in the era of kiwari. Yes, it's time for "digital jihad". In the era of information and technology so rapidly, the organization founded by KH Ahmad Dahlan is to take part in the role. It's a path with a mission of renewal.

"The Muhammadiyah's constitutional jihad has been successful in the past. This period is the time for Muhammadiyah to promote digital jihad. "So the message of Muhammadiyah Central Executive Chairman Dadang Kahmad when giving speech in the opening of Training Training Archive for Muhammadiyah University (PTM) in 2016 and as quoted from

The era of print media is slowly inevitably replaced by online media (online). Although not fully replace because print media such as newspapers and magazines have their own characteristics and segments. Some of the leading media in the homeland began to "body pairs". That is, in addition to publishing the print version, they also manage online media. Call it Java Pos and, Kompas and, Tempo and, and Republika and

Muhammadiyah itself has several print media, one of which is a magazine. At the headquarters there is the legendary Muhammadiyah Voice. Voice of Muhammadiyah is the oldest magazine in Indonesia. The magazine was officially established by the Central Executive (PP) of Muhammadiyah in January 1915 (first issue). Thanks to their work, in 2016, the Muhammadiyah Voice was rewarded by Muri as the longest continuous published Islamic magazine. Then, in PW Muhammadiyah Java there are magazines Matan. For the sake of dakwah expansion, mass organizations of this sun also develop online media, call it (PP) and (PWM Jatim). Muhammadiyah's voice already has an online version (

However, problems arise as online media grows. Dahlan Iskan, who has tens of years wrestle in the press world, once said that the print media does have a strong enough opponent in the online media. However, online media also has a much stronger enemy. What else if not social media. Social media like Facebook become a real and cruel enemy to online media because it is prone to be misused to spread hoax content. News that the truth can not be accounted for.

The problem is indeed proven to be valid. If you go into the world of social media, Facebook for example, you will find a lot of news with provocative titles and even a few paragraphs. However, from the news that is not accurate, see the comments that appear, perkibun. In fact, it is very likely they just read the title.

This is one of the Muhammadiyah challenges experienced in the mission of digital jihad. Because, faced today is a different generation with the first. Millennial generations tend to like practical ones. In addition, interest in reading conventionally decreases and prefers to read instantly. They make social media as a communication tool and information center. Sharp criticism is also not delivered to the younger generation of Muhammadiyah which increasingly alliteration. Lack of reading books and independently tracing the truth of a discourse is the source of the consuming young generation of hoaxes.

It is inadmissible that the hoax proponers make the information abal-abal. Muhammadiyah must fight the serious case. Muhammadiyah has a chance to preach through the gaps. Good for both internal and external. Because, if the antidote is not much, the spreader of this hoax will be more rampant and laughing behind the scenes there.

The Indonesian Press Council has characterized the hoax news. First, once a hoax is spread, it can lead to anxiety, hostility, and hatred within the community.

The second characteristic is the unclear source of news. This report is not or is difficult to verify.

Third, the content of the news is not balanced and tend to corner certain parties.

The fourth point, the hoax feature is often charged with fanaticism in the name of ideology. It can usually be seen from its provocative title, but without data and facts. Due to the incendiary titles that were incited, people, especially the easily angry easily commented on this and re-spread in social media respectively.

With the rapid flow of information through social media, people need a clearing house or something to straighten the hoax news. Some mainstream media may already have a rubric as clarification of the news is a lie or not. For example, Jawa Pos has a rubric of Hoax or Not: Java Pos Clearing House of Information.

Reflecting from this, Muhammadiyah has few ways to embody this digital jihad. First, in addition to maintaining and innovating print media, Muhammadiyah must be able to intensify online media to disseminate missionary mission.

Second, to counteract and straighten up the lies in social media so as not to mislead the reader. That step includes the preaching of amar makruf nahi munkar containing the command to invite or advise good things and prevent bad things.

In the Qur'anic verse of Surah Al Hujurat verse 6, Allah SWT has also reminded, "O those who believe, if the wicked come unto thee bring a message, check carefully, that ye do not harm a people for ignorance or carelessness that ye at last repent your deeds ".

Such clarification or clearing of such information is essential so that these people are not scattered just because of the hoaxes of deception. The public is entitled to receive information from a reliable source of truth. And, Muhammadiyah, once again, should be able to take a role there. This digital jihad journey is in line with the theme of the Muhammadiyah's 105th Milad on November 18, 2017, namely "Muhammadiyah Merekat Kebersamaan".


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