Motorcycle Confiscation Case by Debt Collector Occurs in Tulungangung

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The case of motorcycle seizure by debt collector again occurred. This time DC claiming to be from wom finance, to seize with customers named mesi (30) residents Bulu Desa hamlet Kampung welahan, Besuki district, tulungagung East Java, on Thursday (02/11/2017).

Alhamdulillah, this case got a response from law enforcement.

Mesi represented her husband Nurhasim as On behalf of the owner of the vehicle received kanit Propam Polres Tulungagung Iptu Haryono SH around 12.00 wib in space propam. After delivering the chronology and the seizure of his wife, Haryono delivered the victim to the Police satreskrim investigator.

In his statement at around 13:30 pm, the victim in front of investigators Johan SH and victims in the BAP with a range of 21 questions that include the annoying behavior experienced by the victim.

News of the examination (BAP) was just finished at 19.00 pm. At the same time the victim signs a BAP that is considered sufficient.

Although the LP has not been received yet, because it is still waiting for the pidum to approve the results of the BAP, but the case is considered to have progressed than before.

After the examination, to the media crew the victim said that it will continue to escort the case that happened to it. According to him, if this case is left, certainly will not give a deterrent effect and the law will be made game by irresponsible parties.

"Until whenever this case will I take, until there is legal clarity, if here is not enough, I will step up to the level to know the law can be fair or not," he said.

When asked who the perpetrators of confiscation, the victim mentioned the name of Sutris as debt collectornya.

"Tomorrow, I will ask LP that I have not received mas, wait tomorrow, yes," said Hasim.

Meanwhile, investigator Johan, SH when questioned has not dared to give any explanation. "Tomorrow yes, wait for Mr. Ipung (kanid pidum-red) first," he explained.

As released earlier, Mesi became a victim of motorbike seizures by debt collectors on Thursday (19/10/2017).

The incident was experienced by Mesi while on a trip with his son who was 4 years old. However, one day interval, Mesi with her husband delivered the incident to Mapolres Tulungagung who was rejected for reasons not clear the case. (rls / catur / @ AJT)

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