KPAI Will Call Whatsapp Management Related Content Pornography

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The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) is concerned over the findings of pornographic content in the gif format circulating in Whatsapp (WA). As a protective measure to children, KPAI will call the WA management of Indonesia related to the findings.

"KPAI as a state institution that has a mandate to supervise the implementation of child protection, expressed deep concern over the allegations of content containing pornographic content in social media," said Chairman KPAI Susanto in his statement on Sunday (5/11/2017).

With the development of technology as it is today, many children are easily accessing mobile phones. Susanto asserted that children need to be protected from pornographic content.

"Immediate child acquiescence and easy access to pornography is a form of violation, therefore KPAI in the near future will invite WA management to equate perceptions in protecting children," Susanto explained.

Susanto hopes that WA and other social media networks protect children from the content of pornographic content. Moreover, children are vulnerable as victims of sexual crimes.

"Hope WA and other social media have a system of maximum internal protection, so that children can be kept away from any content that contains pornographic crimes, including doing various actions and activities both preventive and handling related to the removal of content containing pornography," he added .

Currently, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kominfo) has also processed the spread of pornographic content in GIF format in the WA application. The report has also been followed up.

"We have received reports from the public," said Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara, Sunday (5/11/2017).

The information is spread across WA. In the message mentioned also ways to get GIF berkonten pornography, both for android-based mobile phone users and IOS.

There are a number of pornographic content emoticons with the Gif format available on the WhatsApp service. The pornographic images are short animated video.

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