Indonesia's debt is rising, Prabowo: Our elite has failed

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Gerindra Party Chairman, Prabowo Subianto questioned the attitude of the government that seemed always proud of borrowing money or owed to other countries.

"Why is government for government always proud of borrowing money from other nations?" he said while giving a speech at the XVIII Dies Natalis and Graduation Ceremony XV UBK, at Sudirman Hall Building, Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday (16/11).

Should, according to Prabowo, the government is embarrassed if it becomes indebted to other nations. Moreover, Indonesia actually has a wealth of very abundant.

Indonesia, he said, is the world's largest producer of palm oil, the second-largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil, the world's second best cocoa producer, rubber, tin, nickel, uranium.

Prabowo rate, Indonesia's debt increasingly accumulate because indeed the nation's elite have forgotten the teachings of the predecessors. One of them, the Tri Sakti teaching is often spoken by Bung Karno.

"Where this nation should be sovereign in the political field, standing on its own feet in the field of economy, national personality in the field of culture," he explained.

Further Prabowo said, because often debt and not run Tri Sakti, finally Indonesia leaked a very big national budget.

The data he obtained from the government release stated that in 1997 Indonesia surplus of foreign exchange USD 25 billion USD. If calculated, then until 2011 this country should surplus foreign exchange 375 billion USD.

"But I see there is only 88.6 billion USD, meaning there is a leak of 286.4 billion USD or 76 percent, our mine also leaked 75 percent, oil leak 75 percent, public facilities 70 percent, and banking more than 50 percent" said the former commander of this Kopasus.

It is, Prabowo said, because the behavior of elites who often steal people's money through government projects.

"Almost every project we see is built there must be a markup of values, there is a mark up." Mark up means it is theft, "he added.

To overcome this, said the man who was nominated as President 2019 is appealed, all parties, especially the elite must dare to correct themselves by admitting that they can not keep the noble values ​​mandated by the predecessors.

"We have to admit that our elite has failed," he said.

Furthermore, added the former Danjen Kopassus, all parties must be aware that the natural wealth owned by this nation is already targeted by other countries.

"We must not blame foreigners, but we must understand that Indonesia is the target of foreigners, from the past, hundreds of years, not we to Europe, those to us because there is so much wealth," said the former Danjen Kopassus. (R)

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