Husband Shoot Wife, Psychologist: The reality of crucial problems of domestic violence

Togog.Online | Yesterday the public was shocked by the murder of his wife by a husband at a clinic at Jalan Dewi Sartika, East Jakarta, Thursday (9/11/2017).

Moreover, the murder was done with several shots by a husband who is a doctor, allegedly related to domestic violence (domestic violence)

Related to this, forensic psychologist Reza Indragiri Amriel states, the incident as a culmination in the spectrum of domestic violence. This reality shows the crucial problem of domestic violence.

"We are rushed and sad when husband finish off his wife with so many bullets. Probably, this is just an extreme point in the spectrum of domestic violence. And in reality, domestic violence has become a phenomenon. The point is the right corner of the KDRT that makes couples lose their lives, "said Reza in a short message, Friday (10/11/2017).

Reza stressed again that domestic violence has become a phenomenon that emerged lately and has become a big concern of the country.

He showed an example, an increasing divorce problem. "That KDRT is a phenomenon, it is proven that Indonesia has Domestic Violence Law. Apparently, the divorce rate caused by domestic violence also continues to increase, "he said.

Related to the shooter, Reza said, there must be action to him, of course with legal proof.

"Obviously, the perpetrators of the shootings must be held criminally liable. It must be severely punished, if proven, "Reza said. (Rls)

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