Government Allocates Budget For Indigenous Home Renovation

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The Government declares its readiness to facilitate any matters relating to the preservation and empowerment of customs. One of them is done by allocating budget to do renovation of custom houses that require.

This was conveyed directly by President Joko Widodo during an audience with heads of tribes throughout Indonesia or representatives at the Presidential Palace Bogor, West Java, on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

"If there are such custom houses that need to be renovated, the government currently has a budget to renovate it," he said, which was immediately welcomed by the participants.

Indonesia with 714 tribes that have helped make our nation has a wealth of customs prevailing in the community. The diversity of these customs and cultures is in fact a treasure that is also a gift from God Almighty.

According to information obtained by the President, currently in Indonesia there are still approximately 43 palaces are still intact. In addition, there are also 29 customary institutions that are still preserved.

"This kind of wealth that I continue to convey to the Minister to keep us always keep," said the President.

In relation to the diversity, the Head of State once again advised each party to play a role in maintaining unity in the community. Friction-friction that occurs in society should be resolved quickly so as not to continue to grow into seeds of disintegration.

"Do not be for example because political events such as the election of regents, mayors, governors, or even the president make us not get along.What the name of the election, choose a good leader, coblos, is out of harmony again.Does not take years, lift it up Forgot if we are brother country and the country of Water, "he said.

Therefore, the President expressed his gratitude and expressed his appreciation for all the efforts made by the chiefs and their representatives to care for, maintain and maintain customs and harmony in their respective regions. He also reminded that the wealth of Indonesian culture must be maintained for the welfare of the nation.

"Do not let us lose our cultural roots because that wealth can prosper our country and our nation," he said as well as ending the speech.

Also present was accompanied by President, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy and Chief of Staff of Teten Masduki Presidency. (Hd / Rls)

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