Facing Political Year 2018, This is the direction of the TNI Commander

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 High Officers and Secondary Officers of the 1 st Regular Garrison Jakarta received the directive of TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo at Commanders Call Pati and Pamen TNI Se Garnisun Tetap 1 / Jakarta at Balai Sudirman, Tebet, East Jakarta, Tuesday (28/11).

Initiated his guidance TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo conveyed the praise of Gratitude to God Almighty because the series of 72nd Anniversary of TNI activities run orderly, safe and smooth.

"Thanks to all TNI soldiers and their families for their hard work and dedication so far, the people's confidence in the institution of TNI has increased dramatically," he said.

In his briefing, the TNI Commander reminded Pati and Pamen that next year is the political year, the TNI will be pulled or destroyed through Medsos and hoak, so be careful. Check the truth of the news from an obscure source to your boss, do not spread the word that can cause emotion and disagreement.

The TNI Commander also asserted that the TNI should be neutral because TNI politics is state politics, and should never be easy for TNI soldiers in the sheep race.

"The TNI is a milestone in the establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, the politics of the TNI is the politics of the state in which politics is devoted to the uprightness of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, in which there is an obedience to the law, the attitude which always places the interests of the people above any interests, and obedient to the superior, in accordance with the constitution, "he concluded.

The TNI Commander also conveyed about what Indonesia needs now. "We need development, from the development it will cause shade and comfort. How to make Indonesia feel? by establishing good relations and cooperation between TNI - Polri. Because TNI and Polri are the pillars of the establishment of NKRI, TNI and Polri must be solid. Optimize the role of 3 pillars: TNI, Police and Local Government, "said General Gatot Nurmantyo.

At the end of the briefing the TNI Commander thanked him for his dedication and hard work so far.

"Please give my regards to all TNI, ASN and family members, I am proud of them all, may God Almighty always give guidance and strength to all of us to continue the best service only for NKRI that we love very much," he said.

Commanders Call Pati and Pamen TNI Se Garnisun Tetap 1 / Jakarta was attended by Kasad, Kasau, Wakasal, Pangkostrad, Kaskostrad, Pangdivif 1, Irkostrad, Kasdivif 1, Asren Kostrad, Assistant Kaskostrad and Assistant Kasdivif 1 Kostrad, Kabalak Kostrad, Dansatjar Kostrad as well as the Pamen's rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Major. (Rls / HD)

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