DPR urges TNI-Police to crush radical separatists in Papua

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The House of Representatives hopes that the TNI and Polri are not complacent for the success of freeing the Papuans who were held hostage by radical separatist groups in Papua. The DPR wants the TNI-Polri to attack and quell the allegedly part of the Free Papua Movement (OPM).

Member of the House of Representatives Commission I Bobby Adhityo Rizaldi admitted deeply appreciate the success of the TNI-Police that freed people in Kampung Banti and Kimbely, Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua, from the separatist hostage. After the hostages are free, it is time for the TNI-Polri to attack and capture their members.

"I appreciate the success of the TNI and the Police in the release of hostages, but the arresters have not been arrested, so I suggest a joint operation with the TNI and Police to conduct the pursuit," the Golkar youth politician said Wednesday (22/11).

Bobby does not yet know exactly which radical group is part of the OPM or not. What is clear, for him, is that the group is very dangerous and has the potential to become a separatist military group. Hence, the group deserve to be attacked and crushed.

On the occasion, Bobby also asked the government to immediately formulate a security formulation in Papua.

"The Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs needs to redefine the armed group because it is not a pure crime, it is very organized and has a broad impact of terror and links with foreign political organizations," he said.

He realized that the government faced a dilemma in facing this group.

During this time, indeed, the efforts of TNI-Polri to improve stability and security in Papua are always bumped with human rights. Pro-Papuan independence groups always fry the issue and bring it to an international forum. The condition often creates a negative image for Indonesia.

Even so, Bobby asked the government not to hesitate in attacking the group. Because, his act of menyadera citizens is clearly very dangerous. Therefore, the government must move quickly.

"It needs to be decided immediately that the action of this armed group does not increase into military separatist action," he said. (R)

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