Commemorating wayang as World Heritage, 1000 children become puppeteer

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At least 1000 children commemorate the UNESCO World Wayang day by performing in Tugu Yogyakarta city on Sunday (5/11/2017).

What is interesting about this activity are all participants who are students from various schools in Yogyakarta simultaneously play puppets in the event.

Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan HB X stated that it is very important to introduce local culture to children. In this case the role of parents is very important in fostering children.

Sultan hopes Wayang World Wayang warning can introduce puppets to children.

Head of Culture Department (Disbud) DIY, Umar Priyono in the opening speech, conveyed the purpose of holding the Sanding Degree of Dalang 1000 Children. Wayang ceremony designated as world heritage is the reason for holding this event.

The cultural service is concerned that if it is not preserved, not utilized, and not developed, the heritage of the wayang world will become extinct. Working with artists and culturalists is expected this event can bring children not to leave the eastern culture that upholds the nation's traditions and culture.

"UNESCO divides into four functions of wayang culture: first, as a reflection of human nature, secondly as ancestral values, third, can be used as character building, and the fourth reflects everyday human life," said Umar Priyono.

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