Batik Airline stewardess is deceiving Hundreds of Million Rupiah

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Yasminda Cinthya Debbie H.H who is known by the original name of Anis Priliyanti uses a fake ID card to deceive the victim who is a property businessman and Jakarta DKI Jakarta head of media.

Mr. X (victim) whose name is reluctant to mention said he promised december will return. "Anis is the same promise I will return my money late December 2017 later, yes we'll see what he will return my money,". Clearly.

This Anis, he continued, had once confessed with the name Yasminda. After accidentally appear on instagram early November 2017 which is known by the friends of wife SY, the name and accounts she was her real name Anis Priliyanti new graduated in 2015 from SMKN 1 Serang, Banten.

"And now (Yasminda, Red) works as a new flight attendant aged 6 months," he explained.

SY also recounted himself knew the Yasminda via blackberry messenger mid 2014 with his name Yasminda age 36th one child already married.

"He also claims to be his grandson Prof.Dr.H.Moeslim Taher who has Jayabaya, and he keeps telling me after separating from her husband that he is seriously ill with heart and cancer, and he promises to be his second wife and wants to give the capital 2 billion and a place for the office, "he said.

But, he added, because the treatment is expensive and because of the divorce he diblack list the same family not earning, while the drugs continue to say the way borrowed while begging for help with appointments later a week in exchange or a month replaced.

"But until 2 years there is no realization of him to pay the debt to me until finally appeared on his instagram with his photo but use the name Anis Priliyanti," he said.

Evidence of fraudulent transfer receipts with account numbers are different and varied with the reason of the specialist's account number or the nurse's account number with the intention of making treatment.

"Initially I believe because he love KTP him and said that it is the home address of the big family Prof.Dr.H.Moeslim Taher the more he admitted his cousin Aldy Taher who is a former man Dewi Persik and still Many more myriad stories, to convince me that he's his grandson moeslim taher, "he finished. (Jp / R / Rls)

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