Artist Surabaya: the Government weak on the issue of soul and taste

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A number of community organizations (CSOs) including the Bambu Runcing Surabaya Community (KBRS), Surabaya Arts Council (DKS) and other members of the mass organizations held a concern over the demolition of Masjid Assakinah Komplek Balai Pemuda Surabaya on Thursday (2/11/2017).

The action packed in the 'tahlil' activity and poetry readings at the mosque's board site, aimed at knocking the government's heart post the parody of the parliament mosque, so that the future city development direction is not only based on physical lust alone.

"Tahlil or send a prayer is usually for a recently deceased person. But this time, tahlil we address to the Chairman of Parliament and Mayor. Hopefully his soul and his feelings can live again, so the development of the city not only obey his physical lust alone, but has soul and spirit ", said the event coordinator Wawan Kemplo.

A number of community leaders also expressed their complaints about the construction of a mosque that is considered arrogant DPRD.

"The government is now an artificial development devotee, thus weakening his sensitivity to the issue of soul and taste. How very angry he felt when the park stepped on his citizens, just because the citizens want to enjoy ice cream ", said Luhur Kayungga, Secretary of DKS also ditimpali by Udin Sakera by declaring the city administration silent and dodged when mosque and radio house Bung Tomo destroyed.

Senior artist, M. Anis, Coordinator of Pasar Seni Lukis Indonesia (PSLI), questioned the policy regarding the construction of this council building which is not nearly 50 members of parliament of Surabaya city.

"Our gathering here is part of the community's control over the use of the financial budget used by the municipal government and the local parliament of Surabaya to build a new people's building unknown to almost all members of the council", he said.

On that occasion, some poetry poems were read by representatives of students who took the theme "This is not for animals, but for the council," he concluded

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