Ali Mochtar Ngabalin ready to become chairman of Golkar

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Golkar Party politician Ali Mochtar Ngabalin appeared at Police Headquarters on Thursday (23/11). Ali who claimed to have come to meet with the Commander of the Commander of Syafruddin said this was his readiness to become Chairman of Golkar.

However, this West Papua politician agrees if the change of the Golkar Chairman has to wait for the result of pre-trial conducted by Setya Novanto (SN) who currently inhabits the cell of KPK detainees.

"Yes, there are already executive tasks (temporary chairman), meanwhile not long enough The date of 30 pretrials Mr. SN Pretrial normal seven days So on December 7 we can conclude whether we can immediately title Golkar Party Munaslub or how," he said.

That is because, this former PBB politician continues, there is a principle of presumption of innocence as a form of awareness and understanding of the law in the country.

"Today may happen to Novanto, but maybe it could happen to another friend, as the party cadres, as administrators, must submit to all organizational provisions, especially yesterday we have held plenary meetings, all must obey the principle," he said.

All cadres of the Beringin Party are asked to be patient a little, no one is impetuous. Sooner or later. "This 'stuff' will be over.We have a new General Chairman, or finish in the face of a political situation.Don't we dance in someone else's drums."

If so munaslub, who is the candidate? "I dong, you call my name dong so chairman Where is my shortcomings, I dong presidential candidate Once a chairman, led by a sorbanan like me," he replied.(R)

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