About Reclamation, Amien wonder the TNI was silent

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Chairman of the Honorary Council of PAN Amien Rais firmly refused reclamation. According to him, reclamation is only for the interests of China's bamboo curtain country only.

"I am sure that the 17 false islands will be dedicated to the interests of China for economic, political, and even military (Chinese) interests," said Amien at the DPR building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (2/11 / 2017).

According to Amien, it is time for Indonesia to move. He then questioned the performance of the TNI related to reclamation.

"I wonder why our TNI friends are still silent, obviously we will be colonized by the economy, will be occupied," Amien said.

Amien claimed his words above got the question, is it true today after the second world war there is still colonization on earth. Answering that, Amien has a concrete example.

"Yesterday when America occupied Iraq," he said.

Amien also admitted to finding facts about China's expansion into Indonesia. The fact that he got while traveling using airplane services.

"A few thousand Chinese immigrants who are well-built, trained, obviously not factory workers, are wandering around everywhere, I've ever been to Kendari, just a few Indonesians, others are muscular, what are they supposed to be?" he said astonished, as quoted from detik.com

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