Villagers Satisfied Outcomes TMMD 100

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After the cap on the 100th TMMD By Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta in the Village Margaluyu, District Kiarapedes and Wanawali Village District Cibatu really satisfied with the results of the work done Satgas TMMD

The work of members of the TNI and the community that was carried out during the day and night did benefit. The people who had helped with the TNI Task Force felt that they had not been in vain for their efforts.

"I am as Head of Village, now just think how to take care of this road so durable and not quickly broken," said Village Chief Margaluyu Tatang, today.

With a hoarse and hoarse voice, Tatang make sure that the residents are very grateful for the TMMD Task Force's struggle.

"The citizens are satisfied, and it makes me happy," he added. (R-09)

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