Various Regional Arts Attractions will Appear in TMMD 100

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Three days prior to the closure of TMMD 100 (26/10) Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta has been busy preparing various regional attractions and arts events for the peak event TMMD 100 closure activities.

Dandim 0619 / Purwakarta Lieutenant Colonel Inf Ari Maulana said that before the closure of the 100th TMMD (26/10) it has prepared various events and attractions of the area such as Waterfall, and Drumband followed by 17 districts in Purwakarta District.

"Not only that, in the closing ceremony, we will hold the local arts both from Purwakarta and from outside Purwakarta, this we do for the closeness of the TNI with the People more real," he said, today.

Regional arts, Dandim added, we introduce the existing community location TMMD 100 so that the surrounding community aware that, they are no longer from the isolated part of society today, because with the Program TMMD 100 can change the way of view, think society and can improve the pattern of life more prosperous, "said Ari. (R-08)

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