TMMD Target The 100th Kodim 0619 Purwakarta Almost Completed

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Army Manunggal Build Village (TMMD) 100th Military District Command (Kodim) 0619 / Purwakarta in Village wanawali cibatu district and village margaluyu, sub district kiarapedes, Purwakarta District almost completed. The activity was left for a few more days.

So far, a number of TNI service programs, ranging from completing the activities of road infrastructure, rutilahu work and various non-physical activities that the extension of state defense run smoothly. These activities are part of the contribution to accelerate development in Purwakarta District.

Physical activity work such as road concretization along 7.2 km has been realized about 90 percent. The activities of Rutilahu 6 units of residential houses have been completed.

TMMD Task Force Team is optimistic that the target of this activity will be completed at the stipulated time. (R-08)

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