TMMD Road Grows New Energy for Society

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The most visible impact after the implementation of TMMD is the emergence of new energy for local people. With the benefits of a smooth road facility it actually stimulates more active people in the activity. Good for those who work as employees, laborers or farmers who want to go to the fields.

This confession was delivered by a device of Mekarjaya Dadan Village. He said, "after this road has been completed and is already in use, now we are going to the village office to be fast, so also when we have to serve the community for the processing of documents such as ID cards, KK and others to be smooth," he said today.

Dadan added, for the wanawali Villagers, Cibatu and Margaluyu sub-districts, Kiarapedes Sub-district, Purwakarta Regency feel that in their life there is a new spirit. The reason, with the completion of new road work carried out by TMMD task force team to 100 kodim 0619 / Purwakarta, access and activity now is very easy. All destinations are easy to reach and fast to arrive. (R-08)

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