TMMD raises the lives of village farmers

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Visits conducted by Dispenad to TMMD location yesterday got special attention from Mr. Tatang, Village Head Margaluyu, Purwakarta.

The reason, in the occasion, Mr. Tatang who had in interviewed Dispenad said that with the inventions TMMD 100 has changed the atmosphere of the village of Margaluyu become more crowded.

"I am the village head very thanks to Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta and Pemda Purwakarta, with the TMMD 100 road that was not in the past will soon be and smoothly, our citizens will be easier to move, and especially bring the harvest of the garden and rice to be brought to market, "he said, today.

According to Tatang, the desire and hope to have a decent road access has long been coveted by the citizens. But since there is a TMMD road construction project, such residents get new hope, especially the farmers who are majority Margaluyu population is as farmers. (R-05)

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