TMMD managed to restore the spirit of mutual help of the villagers

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Haji Ahmad as a religious figure in the village of Margaluyu said that enterprising Army soldiers in the implementation of development in the villages have encouraged the improvement of the welfare of the village community. The TMMD 100 program has also unified the views of the community with TNI soldiers.

This was revealed by Haji Ahmad after the implementation of the 100th TMMD in Purwakarta which had just closed a few days ago.

"One thing to note is that the TMMD 100 program has succeeded in restoring the spirit of Gotong Royong in the village." This is the spirit of mutual help to be nurtured, "he said.

With the TMMD program, Ahmad said, the people feel united with the TNI conducting TMMD 100 activities, so the society's view is very good indeed. Togetherness and intimacy are interwoven into capital in the success of rural development.

"TMMD to 100 Kodim 0619 Purwakarta has restored the spirit of gotong royong to be the hallmark of the Indonesian nation, and the spirit of gotong-royong must be maintained, and so far the TMMD 100 program is in perfect harmony with the government program," he said. (R-07)

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